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Saturday, August 3, 2013

With six months left to love, what would you do? How about get married!

Photo Credit: Sly Vegas, Captiv8 Imagery
  The New York Daily News is reporting a heartbreaking story of love, courage, and cancer. San Jose CA, Couple Jen Bulik and Jeff Lang were able to turn what must have been a nightmare to a dream come true. Jen a 35 Year old hair stylist suffers from terminal Stage 4 Lung cancer and was given only 6 months to live. The couple quickly went from despair to hope when a local San Jose wedding planner Erica Ota offered to give them the wedding of their dreams.

  On a beautiful sunny day this past  July 27th  Ota partnered with 65 wedding professionals and raised over $50,000 to unite the couple in holy matrimony. All items and services were donated to the couple. The theme of the outdoor wedding was "rustic chic". As
if it was planned straight out of an Elle magazine, the décor featured a gazebo adorned with flowing peach colored drapes tied back with the most amazing arrangement of sunflowers. Wrapped in a gorgeous pastel wedding gown, Jen walked down the aisle with her hair proudly shaven, deciding not to go with a wig. 120 guests surrounded the couple of six years to form a circle which represented eternal love. The couple opted to give the gift of life to their guests in the form of small plants as wedding favors, that will continue to live on after Jen is gone.

  While the cancer will eventually take over Jen and Jeff continue to fight everyday to foster their love for each other. On this their beloved wedding day the enemy called cancer lost the battle. Friends and family described Jen as "vibrant and radiant". As various songs such as Blind Melon's "No Rain" and Frank Sinatra's "My way" filled the air with sweet sounds of joy and revelry, the one song that made everyone shed a tear was their wedding song "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga.
Watch The NBC Report Here.

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