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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Pink Event 2015 Gives Back with Donation to For 3 Sisters, Inc.

For 3 Sisters, an Olney, Md.-based nonprofit that helps those with breast cancer find much-needed support and resources, was front and center at The Pink Event® 2015  in Linthicum, Md. 

And the official charity partner for The Pink Event didn't go home only with the great exposure and interaction among attendees. 

The Pink Event donated nearly $900 to the organization that is headed up by Shannon and Marshall Moneymaker (who is also known as the Pink Fireman). For 3 Sisters has participated in three out of the five expos that The Pink has done.

Shannon Moneymaker noted The Pink Event has mastered the balance between female entrepreneurship, empowerment, and philanthropy. "It's really quite spectacular when local companies partner with nonprofits in the mission to do something great for their communities," she said. 

"The Pink Event and Diamond Event Services, LLC, through their partnership and their donation, are a shining example of how joining forces can make a positive impact and promote knowledge and empowerment to the women we serve."

The Pink Event Founder and Diamond Event Services CEO Tamika Josephs-Smith said attendees made this donation possible, noting that 20% of ticket sales were collected for the donation. 

"Our community of women, from all walks of life, came out to not only support female entrepreneurship and ingenuity, but to be witnesses for supporting breast cancer awareness via our charity partner." 

Learn more about The Pink Event and its emphasis on breast cancer awareness at

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