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Monday, February 20, 2017

Andrea M. Smith Wants to Help You Give Yourself Permission to Succeed!

Andrea M. Smith loves empowering others through self-love and encouragement. The CEO of SAS Web & Graphic Design has felt it is her mission to help those with emotion hurt to successfully break through and overcome adversity.

"I believe that it's not the validation of others you should crave, but to give yourself permission to succeed," says Andrea, one of the many empowering speakers that will be at The Pink Event on March 5.

And she'll be helping attendees do just that. Attendees of her talk can expect to learn how to identify where they are in the process of self-love and self-validation; how to define areas that are affecting them; and how to create a plan to move forward. 

"The journey to discovering you will be is the unveiling of what is unknown, while appreciating and celebrating what is known," Andrea notes.

Learn more about the great speakers panel at the Pink Event and get your tickets now (supply is running out!). 

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