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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Pink Event™ Vendor Spotlight: Scentsy

Independent consultant Doretha "ReCe" Joyner says she was selling another product when she learned about the wonders of Scentsy candles.

"You could have never told me I would start another Direct Sell Business. But I could not help it! I was hook[ed] on the concept of NO FIRE! It was safe! Cute, and smelled very good."

We heartily agree! With no flame, smoke or soot, Scentsy wickless candle systems let you have all the enjoyment of candle fragrances without the fire or danger. And with new summer flavors like lovely Lonicera, juicy Simply Strawberry, and citrusy Tingelo, there's no limit to what mood or atmosphere you want to evoke.

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