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Monday, October 22, 2012

Now I Spy...Something Purple!

Sometimes it is overlooked, but October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month (signified by purple ribbons). This is an issue that unfortunately affects far too many women, children and families in the United States. But more awareness and information is having an impact and we love that more people are going Pink and Purple this month. So let's spy something purple!

Times Square in New York City is the hub of all things trendy, electronic and cutting-edge for culture and entertainment. We love the area went purple to stand in solidarity for domestic violence victims. We've seen similar news stories showing Niagara Falls going purple to signify the month.

And sure we may not use this, but check out this purple hairdo and wedding dress! That's bound to make a statement on the special day!

Want to see more things purple? Check out our Pinterest page and chime in with your thoughts of what would be cool to turn pink or purple.

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