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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wanna Request a Song at The Pink Event® 2014? Just Text Us!

The Pink Event® 2014 is rocking with a capital R! 

Our special DJ Mic Terror is tearing it up with great hits that have the attendees swaying and bopping as they shop!

Got a special song you're dying to hear? Just text your song requests to DJ Mic Terror at 410-650-4770. 

It's Easy:

  • Text "play [name of song] by [name of artist]" to the number. 
  • For example, if you sent "play Happy by Pharell Williams," then DJ Mic Terror would have you feeling happy in no time!* 

This awesome feature at the ultimate girls' day out is provided by our Pink Gem sponsor The Carlton Smith Music Group. This full-service DJ and audio services company knows how to take music to another level!

*The Carlton Smith Music Group and The Pink Event reserve the right to filter requests not appropriate for the event. 

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