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Monday, November 3, 2014

Pink Spotlight: Nurturing the Natural You Sponsors the Pamper Lounge at The Pink Event®

We had a chance to talk with Susan Peterkin-Bishop, who heads up Nurturing the Natural You, which endeavors to nurture, teach, and share professional knowledge on how to naturally embrace ones mind, body, soul, and hair. 

Susan, who also runs the natural hair salon Jaha Hair Studio, LLC, gave us a preview of what can be expected in the Brand New Pamper Lounge at the The Pink Event® 2015.  "I wanted to add something new and meaningful for our 5th year and the idea of a Pamper Lounge came to mind.  I think of this as the perfect addition to our event and completes the ultimate women's day out," noted the event founder, Tamika Josephs-Smith of Diamond Event Services, LLC.

Question: You're sponsoring the Pamper Lounge for The Pink Event 2015? What motivated you to do this? What will the Pamper Lounge offer?

Answer:  Nurturing the Natural You and The Pink Event are the perfect partners. The Pink Event is the ultimate women's day out, so my thought was that pampering should be a major part of this day.

This is the concept of Nurturing the Natural You—bringing and making more women understand that whole health also means taking time out to pamper themselves. This is not only because they deserve it, but also because their families and community will reap the benefits of a healthy, happy, and less stressed individual.

So in the Nurturing the Natural You Pamper Lounge, the ladies and gentlemen can enjoy hair care, nails, massages, make-up application, and DIY seminars on pampering themselves at home.

Question: You've been a long-time sponsor with The Pink Event. What does the women's expo mean to you and your business?

Answer: I have known Tamika and her family for more than 20 years. I value and respect her as family and now as fellow entrepreneur. I loved and understood her concept of The Pink Event, and as I said previously our businesses complement each other.

So, I wanted to just be supportive to a younger female entrepreneur and be supportive of her because I consider her family!  

Also, the entrepreneur in me realized this event would be the perfect time to launch the Jaha product line outside of the salon. It made me focus on a specific date. In other words The Pink Event is the official birthday of the Jaha Hair Studio's Nurturing the Natural You product line.

Every year, I will be involved in some form or the other…vending, volunteering, and seminars. 

Question: How has the expo changed or expanded and what has that meant for you?

Answer: Well the physical size of the expo has definitely expanded; more vendors, sponsors and of course more attendees! Which is awesome!

However, what strikes me most about the growth of The Pink Event is the simple but powerful concept and message of the "Ultimate Women's Day Out." Taking one day at a time, relax, take care of your health, and giving back to the community by pairing with a charity for cancer.

Question: What should other exhibitors keep in mind when they showcase their business at the expo?

Answer: Exhibitors and vendors should know that this event is growing, so once they are a part of it this will be a long-term relationship. I am still getting clients from the first event. So I would tell them come ready to network and create long-lasting business and consumer relationships. It will be worth it years to come!!

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