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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meet Pink Event 2016 Speaker Kenya S. Ulmer!

Life coach, author, speaker, and teacher Kenya S. Ulmer is a warrior against distraction. 

The upcoming speaker at The Pink Event® 2016 (March 6, 2016 at the BWI Airport Marriott in Linthicum) saw a lot of distractions in her life that kept her from her purpose. 

"It can be work, hobbies, a man, or just anything that keeps you away from why you're really here on earth," says the self-proclaimed single mama with no drama. 

"What I'm about is getting people to that quiet place and finding out the assignment they have on earth," she says. While Kenya's strong Christian beliefs underlie her message, she stresses that it's a universal effort that any person can do to find true happiness. 

"When you're doing what you were meant to do you're in a much better place." 

That's the theme Kenya will discuss when she presents at The Pink Event. Her talk, "I See Dead People: Reviving the Gifts Within," will work to wake up attendees to their inner purpose. 

"We all get caught up in mundane activities and that's okay, but there is something that God puts inside of you. It's a disservice to you to ignore the gifts He puts inside you."

For Kenya, she learned her distraction was relationships with men that were not progressing. "These men were showing me who they were but I was not looking. I realized I didn't know my own worth."

Learn more about Kenya here and be sure to see her in person at The Pink Event. 

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