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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Pink Event® 2013 Sponsor Series: Visit Jaha Hair Studio's Nurturing the Natural You

Like a snowflake, we know that you are unique woman---not the same as anyone else. Your hair also has its own special needs and qualities. That's why The Pink Event® 2013 has pulled in Jaha Hair Studio's Nurturing the Natural You experts for our women-focused expo.

Jaha Hair Studio is a full-services hair salon, catering to natural hair clients, primarily those in the African-American community. The Silver Spring-based studio last year successfully launched its Nurturing the Natural You seminars as premiere education event. Cutting-edge stylists taught ladies (and even some men) how to naturally embrace their mind, body, soul, and hair.

At The Pink Event, these stylists will provide free natural hair consults, with natural hairstyling available at a discounted price. See the amazing work this salon can do for you and get your discounted ticket for The Pink Event now!

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