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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tigerlily Foundation Founder Maimah Karmo on Her New Book (Exclusive Signing at The Pink Event® 2013)!

The Pink Event® 2013 is proud to have Tigerlily Foundation as its charity partner to fulfill our expo’s mission of promoting breast cancer and domestic violence awareness.

Based in Reston, Va., the nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating, advocating for, and providing hands-on services and support to young women (ages 15 to 40) who are affected by breast cancer.

One feature at The Pink Event 2013 (March 10; 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Columbia, Md.) that we think you’ll love is our exclusive book signing for Tigerlily Founder Maimah Karmo’s new book, “Fearless: Awakening to My Life’s Purpose through Breast Cancer.”

This book tells Maimah’s story, starting with her life in her native country of Liberia, fleeing to America as a refugee, building her life and then watching it fall apart after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially angry, hurt, and scared, Maimah’s story shows how she grew to see her illness as a blessing. Through it all, she rediscovered her strength, self, and purpose.
We asked Maimah about her new book and what attendees can hear about it at the book signing.
Question: What was the motivation behind your new book?
Answer: “When you face mortality in any way—for me, it was being diagnosed with breast cancer—this puts you at a crossroads. You either become a victim of the thing or the victor of it. My breast cancer diagnosis devastated me. But even more so, I know that many other things had to fall apart at once for me to be pushed to the point where I begged God to show me my purpose.
Losing ‘everything’ that wasn’t important showed me that I had everything to lose by not showing up. I began to live my life by giving away all that I had—my time, my money, and my passion—to help others through my organization, Tigerlily Foundation. Through my work with Tigerlily, I began to see how the more I showed up, the more I could inspire others to do the same. ‘Fearless’ tells that story and empowers other women and men to live their best lives.”
Question: How does a young person’s life change from breast cancer?
Answer:  “Younger women generally do not consider themselves at risk for breast cancer. Yet, more than 13,000 young women (40 or younger) are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. While breast cancer is not common in young women, they share an inordinate amount of the burden—from being diagnosed at a time in their lives when they least expect it to generally receiving more aggressive and toxic therapies while also experiencing the unique psychosocial and medical effects of potential loss of fertility.
Breast cancer poses additional challenges for younger women as it involves issues concerning sexuality, lowered self-confidence, depression, fertility, integration into the work force, and long-term health impact. There is also a lack of information about risks for many of these issues, a lack of provider awareness information, lack of resources to address young women’s issues, and a lack of peer group support. So, younger women have more social, emotional, and life challenges in general during and after breast cancer.”
Question: What has Tigerlily Foundation done for women facing these life-altering issues?
Answer: "Tigerlily Foundation’s mission is to educate, advocate for, empower, and support young women (15 to 40) before, during, and after breast cancer. Tigerlily provides education and empower to young women and their families. We educate health-care practitioners and provider peer support to newly diagnosed young women. We send young women in treatment breast-cancer-buddy bags and meals. We pay their bills and provide support to young women living with Stage-4 breast cancer. Since our inception in 2006, we have supported hundreds of young women nationwide."
Question: If you could have women do one thing in regards to preventing breast cancer, what would it be?
Answer: "Women need to know their bodies, communicate with their physicians, ask questions, and speak up when there is a problem. No one will be a better advocate for your body than you. Also, it is important to do regular self-examinations, eat healthy, exercise, and live a balanced lifestyle. Plus, know your health history." 
Learn more about Tigerlily Foundation at And buy your tickets to The Pink Event now at

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