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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amazing Photos of A Wife's Battle & Loss to Breast Cancer

While perusing my favorite blogs, I saw this adorable couple photo and thought, "oh, another 'marriage rocks' post."
But it was so much more than that. Instead, this post detailed an amazing collection of photos that intimately captures a woman's heroic fight against and death from breast cancer.
Upworthy explains in a post how Angelino Meredino
photographed his wife, Jennifer, as she fought metastatic breast cancer. The blog has a series of some of Angelino's photos. They progress from a loving couple to one dealing with the fallout from breast cancer. And then sadly, the last photo is of Jennifer's tombstone.
"The photos humanize the face of cancer and capture the difficulty, fear, and pain that they experienced during the difficult time," the blog notes. 
Exactly. Breast cancer has a face, and it's too many women we know and love.
That's why The Pink Event is devoted to raising awareness and educating women about breast cancer. Learn more about us and stay tuned for more developments on The Pink Event 2014 here

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