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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pink Spotlight: A Conversation with Pink Event® 2015 Speaker Mali Phonpadith

Mali Phonpadith will be one of our
fabulous speakers at The Pink Event 2015!

As we gear up for The Pink Event® 2015, we will have in-depth conversations with our great line-up of motivational and expert speakers

First on our list is Mali Phonpadith, who is the Founder of the S.O.A.R Community Network and Executive Producer and Host of "Tea with Mali" (it airs on Greenbelt Access Television).

Here's our Q&A with the always-smiling and inspiring Mali:

Question: What drew you to speaking at The Pink Event?

AnswerI met [Pink Event Founder] Tamika Josephs-Smith several months ago when my friend Maimah Karmo and I hosted an event for Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love. 

I immediately fell in love with Tamika's passion for community service and was impressed by her professionalism. When she reached out and told me about The Pink Event, I knew immediately that I wanted to support and take part somehow. 

Helping to inspire and develop visionaries and growing businesses are also part of my work through the S.O.A.R. Community Network and Tea with Mali TV. It was perfect synergy!

QuestionHave you ever participated in our women-focused summit? 

Answer: I have not attended The Pink Event before but I have participated and keynoted various women-focused conferences and events in the past. I am delighted that we have something so spectacular going on in the DC and Baltimore area that will bring hundreds of local businesses together.

Question: What will be the focus of your talk? What takeaways will women have after your talk?

Answer: My talk is on "What It Takes to SOAR in Business and in Life." The focus will be helping business leaders and visionaries SOAR (See, Own, Articulate, and Release) individually so they can bring their full selves to work and inspire/motivate their teams. 

Takeaways include exercises and questions that will help audience members uncover unique gifts, talents, passions, and motivating factors that will help clearly define what success really means for each individual--both in business and in life.

Having a successful and healthy business goes beyond knowing your corporate mission statement. It starts and stops with understanding and actualizing your personal vision and mission for your life. 

Once these things are clear, the decisions and opportunities we make and seek in our business lives flow easier with much more clarity and focus.

Question: Why is it important to have events like The Pink Event for women?

Answer: Collaboration, communication and connection are key to building relationships that last beyond one sale or project. Success happens when the entire community is supported and can benefit. 

One person's success does not happen without the help, partnership or mentoring of others. Imagine if businesses came together with the intention of helping, partnering, and mentoring other businesses (especially women-owned businesses).

 I believe our communities would be transformed in extraordinary ways.

Learn more about Mali and the S.O.A.R. Community Network on Pinterest and Facebook. And you can watch her captivating interviews on Comcast Channel 77 and Verison FiOs Channel 19. 

Or better yet, come to The Pink Event® 2015! Early-bird tickets with our best pricing are on sale now! Hurry...these primo tickets are going fast!!  

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