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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prince George's County Department of Social Services, Foster Care & Adoption Talks with The Pink Event™

One thing we're excited about with our elite selection of niche vendors participating in The Pink Event 2012 is that they're not all the same—or even selling products or services. This is the case with the Prince George's County Department of Social Services, Foster Care and Adoption. The agency instead is hoping to bring some much-needed attention to the county's need for foster and adoptive parents.  

We sat down with agency representative Lisa Robertson to talk about what Prince George’s County hopes to achieve with Pink Event attendees:

Pink Event: What are you hoping to impart on Pink Event attendees?
Robertson: I want people to walk away with a basic knowledge of what is required for a family to be licensed as a provider of a nurturing, loving and safe foster or adoptive home for children in care.

Pink Event: How long does it take to become a foster or adoptive parent?
Robertson: This is determined in large part by matching specific needs of the child or children to the specific needs, interests and abilities of your family. Maryland requires the agency to complete a home study within 120 days; however, delays in receiving verifications—or modifications to your home—can delay the process.

Pink Event: How are foster/adoptive parents and children matched?
Robertson: We match foster or adoptive parents and children based upon the child’s strengths and needs (emotional, behavioral, physical, etc.). We also try to match the characteristics of the children with those adoptive adults feel most prepared to parent.

Pink Event: What is the most important thing volunteers should know about the agency?
Robertson: The mission of the department is to partner with our customers, community and other service providers to stabilize and strengthen families, protect children and vulnerable adults, and encourage self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

Pink Event: Do you reach out only to married women? Is there a role for single ladies?
Robertson: We have a number of single people who provide excellent care. We welcome all types of families. Our program considers individuals and families who desire to become foster or adoptive parents as a valuable resource.

Pink Event: What type of children, families and adults do you help?
Robertson: Our department is known for assisting all eligible county residents with provisions of emergency housing, cash assistance, medical and food assistance, utility help, adult protective services, foster care and adoption. As it relates to foster children, we have infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade-school age children and teenagers in need of help. They come from a variety of backgrounds and families.

To learn more about the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services, Foster Care and Adoption, contact Lisa Robertson at 301-909-2300 or visit the agency website at And don’t miss the agency at The Pink Event on March 3. Buy your tickets today!

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