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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Pink Event™ Vendor Spotlight: Access E-File

They're smiling right now, but these ladies could be pulling out their hair soon over that tricky time of year that hits U.S. workers and small businesses: Filing their taxes in time for the April 17 deadline (a D.C. holiday makes it later this year).

Luckily, there are smart number crunchers available who take that hassle and headache off our hands, and Access E-File is one of them. This firm, devoted to small business professionals, covers tax planning, tax preparation and does free electronic filing (the mode that state and federal government agencies are pushing more Americans to use). Don't wait until the last minute and be in one of those news stories about crowded postal offices. Call Access E-File at 301-622-5400, and get your paperwork sorted out today.

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