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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pink Event™ Vendor Spotlight: Natasha's Just Brittle

Sometimes, success is sweet. And even when it's not, there is the gooey, sugary goodness of Nathasha's Just Brittle to get you by.

This Pink Event2012 vendor showed off its great variety of traditional, vegan and nut-free flavors. Whether it's the classic peanut brittle, cookies and cream or macademia peppermint, these delectable sweets are the ultimate indulgence.

What's even cooler is that they could be on Wal-Mart shelves! Help make that happen by voting for Natasha's Just Brittle today. See all the details about the company's effort to be on the shelves of the world's biggest retailer here:'s-Just-Brittle.

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